"The squirrel that you kill in jest, dies in earnest."
~Henry David Thoreau


Every day.

Every day
, another meadow or forest is plowed under to make room for new houses, a bigger factory or industrial park, a parking lot, or some other human-centric blight on the earth.

Every day
, another species nears or reaches extinction.

Every day
, we pour household and industrial toxins into the air and water, poisoning the earth and the animals who share it with us. We're raping the earth, killing the animals, and damaging ourselves.

And every day, we have a chance to fight -- for cleaner air, cleaner water, and for a halt to the activities that are killing the life around us.

It's easier than you think to live "green", to live more gently on the earth and protect the creatures -- plants, insects, reptiles, fish, birds, and mammals -- who share it with us. Every little action you take to protect the earth makes a difference.

Don't think that you can't make a dent, or that the fact that you drive a car or live in a new house with vinyl siding means that you can't make up for it in other ways. You can. You'll find some good information, ideas, and earth-friendly products at the following sites:

Want to get started? Click these links:

The Rainforest Alliance
is an international nonprofit organization
that works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods.

Check out the EcoMall, where you can choose
from hundreds of earth-friendly products and manufacturers.
Select a category and view articles, product reviews, and links to
great places to find and buy products that are safer for the earth.

"The Jane Goodall Institute advances the power of individuals
to take informed and compassionate action to improve the environment of all living things."

You can also find out more about wildlife and how it's being threatened -- and how you can help -- by visiting Defenders of Wildife:

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